Jermaine Peterson

Jermaine Peterson

Weinberg Academy Fellow, Class of 2015, Economic Opportunities Program

Culinary Program Manager, Moveable Feast, Baltimore, MD

Jermaine Peterson has been the Culinary Program Manager at Moveable Feast since 2013. Moveable Feast provides healthy, home delivered, medically appropriate meals for residents of Maryland living with life-threatening illnesses. Moveable Feast began delivering meals in 1989 and now serves over 900 clients throughout the state of Maryland. In 2001, Moveable Feast expanded it’s mission to include a culinary training program which allows unemployed and underemployed people to gain hands-on experience in a commercial kitchen environment and equip them with the necessary tools to be successful in the culinary industry.

Jermaine develops and maintains connections with community based, non-profit, government, and several other types of referral partners to identify candidates that would benefit from the program. He also works with each client to connect them to resources to help remove barriers that may prevent them from being successful in the workplace such as transportation, childcare, uniforms, etc. Clients that complete the program have the opportunity to graduate with a completion certificate from Moveable Feast, ServSafe Food Protection Manager certification from the National Restaurant Association, and a Customer Service certification from the National Retail Federation. Jermaine has over 18 years of management experience in the hospitality industry in Baltimore, Maryland. He uses his previous experience and his in-depth knowledge of daily culinary operations to ensure that the clients that complete the program are ready for the challenges of the workplace. Jermaine teaches the life skills class each week and is a ServSafe Certified Food Protection Manager Instructor and Exam Proctor. Jermaine has completed numerous workshops and training related to workforce development and food service management and is certified by the state of Maryland as a Food Service Manager. He was also featured in an article in the City Paper pertaining to his work at Moveable Feast.

Jermaine Peterson is a member of the Weinberg Sector Skills Academy Class of 2015, one of several Workforce Leadership Academies in localities across North America.

The Workforce Leadership Academies are part of the Economic Opportunity Fellows Network, a network of leadership and fellowship programs run by the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program. Within this Network, EOP connects national and local leaders from across sectors — nonprofit, government, business, philanthropy, academia, and more — to advance policies and practices with the potential to help low- and moderate-income Americans thrive in today’s economy. Learn more at