Liana Bran

Liana Bran

Chicagoland Workforce Leadership Academy, Class of 2019, Economic Opportunities Program

Director, The Founders' Assembly, Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, Illinois

Liana Bran serves as director of The Founders’ Assembly at the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The Founders’ Assembly is a peer-to-peer forum that helps business owners build and lead teams that support their growth. Liana is further spearheading the development of parallel programs that address the larger talent needs of the small business community. Prior to this role, Liana directed the Substance-Free Workplace and has worked closely with small businesses to access a healthy, productive workforce since 2014. During her time at the Chamber, Liana has also assisted many small business owners to start and grow thriving companies that contribute to their local communities.

Liana received her bachelor’s degree in sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently an MBA candidate at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Liana Bran is a member of the Chicagoland Workforce Leadership Academy, Class of 2019, one of several Workforce Leadership Academies in localities across North America.

The Workforce Leadership Academies are part of the Economic Opportunity Fellows Network, a network of leadership and fellowship programs run by the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program. Within this Network, EOP connects national and local leaders from across sectors — nonprofit, government, business, philanthropy, academia, and more — to advance policies and practices with the potential to help low- and moderate-income Americans thrive in today’s economy. Learn more at