Linda Nation

Linda Nation

Hudson County Workforce Leadership Academy, Class of 2019-2020, Economic Opportunities Program

Manager of Workforce Development Training Center, WomenRising, Inc., Jersey City, New Jersey

Linda Nation, a native of Georgia, now residing in New Jersey, has always been a driven, inspired and passionate visionary, who stands on the ceremony of a platform that strongly believe in human capital investments, and creating economic opportunities. Ms. Nation has acquired more than 25 years of workforce and community program development experience, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from John Jay College, majored in Criminal Justice. She is currently, the Manager of WomenRising, Inc. Workforce Development Training Center, and has also held various managerial positions, such as; Operations Manager for NYC Mayor’s Office, Director of Corporate Development for Urban Renewal Corporation, Agency Director of Workforce Development at St. James Community Development Corporation and Publicist for the Urban League of Hudson County. Her professional experience has and continues to be engaged in successfully developing youth leadership initiatives, workforce development and education programs including implementation of the American Disabilities Act. As Ms. Nation continues to make an impact within urban and inner-city communities; she has developed four 501C3 organizations, three NJ approved designated training provider schools, facilitated recruitment opportunities for men and women to obtain unionized construction jobs, and generate $7.5 million plus for community development projects. Her expertise in non-for-profit and government management has been recognized by employers, the public and private sectors for her commitment to pursing the opportunity to create sustainable workforce development program.

Linda Nation is a member of the Hudson County Workforce Leadership Academy, Class of 2019-2020, one of several Workforce Leadership Academies in localities across North America.

The Workforce Leadership Academies are part of the Economic Opportunity Fellows Network, a network of leadership and fellowship programs run by the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program. Within this Network, EOP connects national and local leaders from across sectors — nonprofit, government, business, philanthropy, academia, and more — to advance policies and practices with the potential to help low- and moderate-income Americans thrive in today’s economy. Learn more at

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