Michael Reszler

Michael Reszler is an experienced executive with over two decades of experience in the media sector, specializing in digital innovation, community engagement, and exploring the intersection of technology and democracy. He is an innovative leader at the intersection of digital media, community interaction, and diversity. At the Aspen Institute, he oversees the Citizenship and American Identity Program, which explores what it means to be American as well as how to develop and promote a shared sense of national identity and strengthen democracy in an age of demographic flux, extreme partisanship, and severe inequality.

Before joining the Institute, he was the Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Digital Officer, and SVP of Innovation and Experimentation at American Public Media Group. During his tenure, he steered a strategic pivot that expanded the audience and diversified the team through, among other efforts, a “Changing Racial Narratives” project to advance diversity in media leadership and storytelling.