Raul de Anda

Raul de Anda

2019 Ricardo Salinas Scholar, Ricardo Salinas Scholarship

Raul de Anda is the cofounder of Unreasonable Mexico.

Raul de Anda is the cofounder of Unreasonable Mexico. Raul studied Industrial Engineering for Management at Universidad Anáhuac Norte, although his passion for finance led him to take his first step in the Brokerage House Valmex . Working in the area of analysis of risk models, he realized the great inequality that exists in Mexico, which made him take a 180 ° turn in his life and leave his life in Mexico’s city to go to Africa as a missionary in the Central African Republic. After his return, 6 months later, he was convinced that charity-based models were not the best option to help people on a large scale.

For 3 years he worked in Entrepreneur Development, where:
– He co-founded REBU: startup to reduce the unemployment of recent graduates, placing more than 300 professionals in 70 companies.
– In 2012 he participated in the raising of a venture capital fund among local entrepreneurs to support entrepreneurs and
– He had a great time organizing the first 2 Startup Weekends of Aguascalientes. He has advised negotiations of +1,000 million pesos and is convinced to create collaborations where the incentives of all those involved are aligned in the long term.

He is currently co-founder of Unreasonable Mexico, where he supports the entrepreneurs who are fighting the BFP’s (Big F*cking Problems) of the country, leveraging the power of business models and technology through technology and innovation. The dream is to create the most effective community to solve social problems in Mexico. Today unreasonable companies have raised +21 million dollars of funding and most wonderful of all, they benefit +1.5 million lives. Selected to participate in ANDE Annual Conference 2019.