Sa’heed Seabury

Sa’heed Seabury

A proud graduate of KIPP – Newark Collegiate Academy, and currently a Freshman at Newark’s Essex County College majoring in Business Management, Sa’heed’s future is promising.  To further his education, Sa’heed plans to attend one of the nation’s most distinguished institutions for higher learning, Morehouse College, where he will major in Political Science.

Sa’heed has always been passionate about social and economic disparities that affect his community.  Striving to be a leader, trendsetter, and trailblazer, Sa’heed has used his talents and enthusiasm as a photographer to capture visual details of various offenses and barriers to social justice. Passionate about his vision, Sa’heed, Co-founder of Pharaohtography, is recognized throughout his community for his exceptional work, capturing poignant and powerful human moments.  He served as the Senior Video Editor and Yearbook Photographer  at KIPP Newark Collegiage Academy from 2015– 2016. He was also a member of the Student Government Association, being a Council Member and Secretary of State for his final two years at his High School; with plans of furthering his role at Essex County College.

Sa’heed’s heart is woven together with threads of compassion, community commitment, and a humanitarian approach to care giving. Starting at a very young age, expanding more than a decade, Sa’heed began volunteering for many charitable organizations in service work to fundraising efforts.

Having worked since he was 15 years of age, Sa’heed is a youth leader on a mission and not afraid to step up, put action behind his words, work hard, and make a difference.   As a Millennial, Sa’heed believes, “IT’S TIME FOR A STRONGER, FAIRER ECONOMY THAT WORKS FOR EVERY FAMILY — WITH GOOD JOBS and EQUAL PAY.”  Sa’heed helped Campaign for Phil Murphy in effort to make a difference regarding racial disparities that reflect systemic failures.  Sa’heed understands and believes there must be systemic solutions to make a difference in his community.

In his leisure time, Sa’heed enjoys dancing and has some great moves! In school, Sa’heed participated in competitive Cross-Country Track.  With his warm smile and out-going personality, Sa’heed is friendly and loved by all.