Sophie Faris

Sophie Faris

Director of Strategic Growth, B Lab

2018 Economic Security Summit Participant

Sophie is the Director of Strategic Growth at B Lab, an organization committed to redefining success in business. B Lab is best known as the non-profit behind B Corporation Certification – a designation for businesses with significant positive impact – but is also a driving force behind new forms of corporate governance and impact management programs to drive meaningful behavior change among the private sector. Most recently, B Lab has launched a domestic effort to promote specific performance standards around job quality and inclusive economies; as well as a global initiative to engage companies in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Prior to joining B Lab, Sophie was at the William J. Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), where she served on its leadership team as Director of Commitments. In that role, she supported strategy for the organization and worked with foundations, philanthropists, and corporations to make measurable Commitments to Action, addressing some of the world’s most pressing global challenges. Sophie also brings years of experience in urban education as a high school educator in Oakland California. She holds a Master of Science from Cal State University and a Master of Public Health, focused on urban space and health, from Columbia University.

Sophie was a participant at the 2018 Economic Security Summit, which was held July 9-12, 2018, in Aspen, Colorado.