Timothy Sheridan

Timothy Sheridan

Hudson County Workforce Leadership Academy, Class of 2019-2020, Economic Opportunities Program

Assistant Director , Hudson County One Stop Career Center, Jersey City, New Jersey

Timothy Sheridan Bio Timothy Sheridan was made the Assistant Director of the Hudson County One Stop Career Center In June of 2012. He handles all areas and aspects of the WIOA (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act) funds, Learning Link, Smart Steps, WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs, Job Search and Resume writing. He worked for 2 years as the organizations Contract Performance and Monitoring Specialist before becoming the Assistant Director. Monitoring all the contracts made with the Vendors and Schools for their performance and proper handling of all the Clients/Students’ needs while handling the grant funded classes set forth by government guidelines. Mr. Sheridan also worked for one year previous to that as the Hudson County Disability Program Navigator for the State of New Jersey .He traveled throughout Hudson and Bergen County’s servicing the Disabled Population in the public and private sectors. Ensuring that the rights and needs of the disabled individuals where made known not only to the businesses but also to the individual that might not yet know how the Federal and State Government could be of assistance in their daily life both at work and at home.The previous year he also managed the Youth Program Manager funded by federal gov’t for Hudson County. He has been a real estate agent for 14 years specializing in the Industrial, Investment and Commercial Real Estate while moving over to the Residential side of the real estate business 2 years ago. Timothy also studied and became a Certified Life Coach 7 years ago and works with his own private clientele as well as the clientele (pro Bono) at the Hudson County One Stop Career Center with his Coaching Skills. Timothy does motivational and job search skills workshops in H.C. for juniors and seniors in high schools as well as Adult H.S. and Adult ESL students. He has also worked with H.I.S.P.A. whose goal is to inspire Latin and Hispanic 5th & 6th graders to ensure they graduate high school and continue on to college. Currently volunteers with the young men at the housing Projects in Jersey City. Mr. Sheridan also was the Director of Constituent Services for 7 yrs. at the City of Jersey City directly under the Mayor coordinating all Dept. Directors for entire City to ensure oversight & completion of all projects city wide. Mr. Sheridan has had his own Executive Search Firm on Madison and 57th Street (Castellani & Sheridan) working with Lawyers , Corporate Executives and IT professionals to make changes in their careers.

Timothy Sheridan is a member of the Hudson County Workforce Leadership Academy, Class of 2019-2020, one of several Workforce Leadership Academies in localities across North America.

The Workforce Leadership Academies are part of the Economic Opportunity Fellows Network, a network of leadership and fellowship programs run by the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program. Within this Network, EOP connects national and local leaders from across sectors — nonprofit, government, business, philanthropy, academia, and more — to advance policies and practices with the potential to help low- and moderate-income Americans thrive in today’s economy. Learn more at as.pn/eofn.

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