Yenitze Fimbres Acedo

Yenitze Fimbres Acedo

2021 Ricardo Salinas Scholar, Ricardo Salinas Scholarship

Yenitze works for the South Californian Council of Science and Technology (COSCYT) in science communications.

Yenitze works for the South Californian Council of Science and Technology (COSCYT) in science communications. She received a Doctor of Science from the Center for Biological Research of the Northwest (CIBNOR) and has an undergraduate degree in Marine Biology from the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur, Mexico. She is a very active person and committed to society. She was named an Ambassador in My World México and a member of ASEMEJA, and received the Candidate’s appointment in the National System of Researchers in Mexico.

Her career has developed in two paths: research and science teaching and communication. In research, she has three scientific articles as the first author and one as a collaborator. She has participated in developing a manual for the implementation of production systems and is the co-author of 8 chapters that are part of three books in production. She was a fellow during the Doctorate of the project entitled: Development of aquaponics combined with open culture adapting to arid regions for sustainable food production” funded by SATREPS-JICA / JST (Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development) Japanese agency for cooperation. In addition, he participated in the design of two productive projects with eco-efficient technology.

In the communication and teaching of science, she has worked since 2009 in dissemination projects, first as a volunteer of the Program for the Approach of Science to Education (PACE) of CIBNOR, later as a researcher in the TOTORI student training program. UABCS-CIBNOR, annual program and in the PACE-CIBNOR scientific outreach program during 2016-2018. She has been an advisor for the project “Scientists of the Future” (2015) and evaluator of the “South Californian Science Expo (2019)”. Also, she was part of the 2015-2018 faculty at the International University of La Paz, B.C.S.

She has carried out research stays in Japan at the University of Tottori, and at the Tokyo University of Marine Sciences and Technology (TUMSAT), in Florianópolis, Brazil, at the UFSC and in Italy at the Consiglio per la Ricerca in agriculture and l ‘analisi dell Economia Agraria (CREA). She has participated in 42 national and international conferences, and she obtains capacitation in various areas, including the development of agro-aquaculture production systems (aquaponics, hydroponics, biofloc), communication, and science teaching.

She has been the winner of several international awards and recognitions. In 2016 he and his team obtained first place in the Startup by Google for Entrepreneurs, with the prototype of an interactive-educational aquaponic model; in 2017, he received third place for the best oral presentation in the Latin American and Caribbean Aquaculture. In 2019, winner of the IILA- MAEC / DGCS SCHOLARSHIP 2018-2019 promoted by the Technical Scientific Secretary of the International Italian-Latin American Organization. In this same year, she obtained the Travel Award for Women’s Participation at APA 19, awarded by the Society World Aquaculture. Selected to participate in Socrates Summer Seminars: Crisis Communication in a Pandemic and Securing the Public’s Trust.