Gender Equity

Climate Change Is a Feminist Issue

March 3, 2017  • The Bridge Podcast

As fossil fuels, natural disasters, the role of science, and the Environmental Protection Agency fill the news, Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, and Rachel Kyte, CEO of Sustainable Energy for All, discuss why climate change is at the heart of the women’s movement and women’s rights. Peggy Clark, vice president of policy programs at the Aspen Institute and leader in the global women’s movement, hosts this thought-provoking conversation.

Women of different generations and geographies desperately need one another to share wisdom, ideas, and goals to move women forward and to break the glass ceiling. The Bridge podcast, a project of Aspen Global Health and Development, brings wise women – and a few good men – of different generations together into conversations about what matters most. The Bridge slows things down, and puts two people with deep knowledge and compassion together for important conversations. Listen to more episodes here.

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