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EBA Fund, Converting the Promise of Entrepreneurship into Assets That Build Economic Inclusion and Equity

January 30, 2021  • Joyce Klein & Business Ownership Initiative

This episode of the CRA Podcast with Linda Ezuka looks at the newly created Entrepreneur Backed Assets (EBA) Fund, which has created a secondary market for small business loans. As described in the show notes, EBA Fund is “a new tool to help capitalize CDFI lenders doing amazing work to serve entrepreneurs of color, small businesses in low-income communities, and the millions navigating through the pandemic.” This conversation features Joyce Klein (Director, Business Ownership Initiative; Board Chair, EBA Fund) and Brett Simmons (Managing Director and Principal, Revolve; Fund Manager, EBA Fund).

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By creating a secondary market for #smallbiz loans, @EBAFund is converting the promise of #entrepreneurship into assets that build economic inclusion and equity. Learn more in this episode of @CRA_Today, featuring Joyce Klein @Aspen_BOI and Brett Simmons.

In this episode of the @CRA_Today Podcast, Joyce Klein and Brett Simmons describe how @EBAFund is helping #CDFIs serve entrepreneurs of color, #smallbiz in low-income communities, and millions navigating through the pandemic.

Podcast: “Converting the Promise of #Entrepreneurship into Assets That Build Economic Inclusion and Equity” featuring Joyce Klein @Aspen_BOI, Brett Simmons (Revolve), and Linda Ezuka @CRA_Today.

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