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Introducing Business 20/20 Podcast

March 27, 2019  • Business and Society Program

Today, you can see the future of US business and society as a source of uncertainty or as an opportunity for a systemic re-think. The Business 20/20 podcast is a series that explores the changing relationship between business and society from 1999 to today. Business 20/20 is about finding foresight through hindsight and each episode unpacks a key event from the Seattle WTO protests to the global financial crisis and beyond.

Each episode features a range of guests, from leading scholars to executives and activists. The podcast will explore how ideas, individuals and institutions drive change over a decades-long horizon and is produced by the Aspen Institute’s Business & Society Program and hosted by Michelle Harven.

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The Business & Society team wishes to thank the audio technicians and everyone involved in the production of the podcast trailer including:

  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter (Russell Simons and Craig McDonald)
  • Regina Abrami (Wayne Davis)
  • Jerry Davis (Rebecca Kruth)
  • Rebecca Henderson (Adeline Sire)

Trailer produced by Michelle Harven and Keith Schumann; edits by Clifton King and Marci Krivonen.

Trailer music: