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Jaime Fall Talks Upskilling on “WorkforceRx” Podcast

September 4, 2020  • UpSkill America

What does the pandemic mean for the upskilling movement? UpSkill America Director Jaime Fall spoke with Van Ton-Quinlivan (CEO, Futuro Health) for the inaugural episode of the podcast WorkforceRx with Futuro Health. Here is a snippet from the episode description:

If you want to know how employers are changing their thinking about educating workers in the wake of COVID, Jaime Fall is in a great position to tell you. As director of the Aspen Institute’s workforce development initiative Upskill America, Jaime is constantly in touch with some of the 5,000 businesses in the program’s network and he has plenty of news to share with host Van Ton-Quinlivan in this episode of WorkforceRx with Futuro Health. From diversity to digital literacy to new safety protocols, businesses have many targets for training and advancement practices that were not necessarily priorities pre-COVID. And have you heard of the new trend in “outskilling”? Jaime is here to fill you in. Bottom line: as the pace of change continues to accelerate, companies need to invest in a culture of learning so their workers will have the skills they need to be effective and productive.

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How are employers thinking about #upskilling in the age of COVID-19? On the inaugural episode of the #WorkforceRx podcast, @upskillamerica director @Jaimen8r talks in depth with host @WorkforceVan, CEO of @Futuro_Health. Tune in!


Employment and Jobs
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