World Affairs

The Rising Belligerence of Putin’s Russia

July 13, 2018  • Aspen Ideas to Go

President Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday during a time when international relations are being tested. On the heels of a tension-filled NATO summit, Russia experts wonder whether Trump’s meeting with Putin will address the Russian government’s rising belligerence. Putin’s government is increasingly acting as an outlaw state across the international stage — undermining European democracies, launching devastating ransomware cyberattacks, harassing US diplomats, executing journalists and dissidents, harboring sophisticated cybercriminals, and testing Western alliances. How should the United States, Europe, and the West as a whole respond? The Atlantic’s Steve Clemons leads a discussion with Peter Wittig, former German ambassador to the United States; Kori Schake, deputy director general of the International Institute for Strategic Studies at the Hoover Institution; Andrew Weiss, former director of the RAND Corporation’s Center for Russia and Eurasia; and Evelyn Farkas, national security analyst for MSNBC.

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