Racial Equity

What Is Antiracism and Can It Save Society? (Rebroadcast)

June 2, 2020  • Aspen Ideas to Go

Demonstrations over race and police brutality have erupted after the death of George Floyd. Floyd, and African-American, died in police custody in Minneapolis. A leading voice on antiracism, Ibram X. Kendi says countering racism is essential to the formation of a just and equitable society — so, how can we fight it? To recognize racism, we need to define it and then understand it’s opposite. Racism, Kendi says, is powerful and can change the way we see and value others and ourselves. In his conversation with Jemele Hill, staff writer for The Atlantic, Kendi talks about his own battle with racism, why it’s so difficult to talk productively about it, and why understanding history is essential to combatting it. This conversation was originally held in 2019. The views and opinions of the speakers in the podcast do not necessarily reflect those of the Aspen Institute.

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