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What’s the Deal With Vaping? ?

September 30, 2019  • Amina Akhtar

When vaping first became popular it was no big deal. Nowadays, all the news stories related to vaping will make you concerned for anyone you know who vapes. In the past few weeks, Massachusetts announced a four-month ban on selling vape products and declared a public health emergency. Some vaping companies are scaling back their lobbying efforts and shutting down advertising in print, broadcast, and digital.

With such drastic measures being taken both by government and companies selling these products, it begs the question: what’s the deal with vaping?

Earlier this summer, host Amina Akhtar had a conversation with internationally recognized anti-tobacco experts Deborah Arnott and Matthew Myers at the Aspen Ideas Health Conference to better understand what vaping is. A lot has happened since then, including several deaths and hundreds of cases of lung injury. The tricky thing to remember is that some of these injuries are related to marijuana vape cartridges, while some of them are related solely to nicotine vape cartridges. Deborah Arnott is the Chief Executive for Action on Smoking and Health in the United Kingdom, and Matthew Myers is the president of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids in the United States.

Some big takeaways? Matthew Myers stating how vaping companies in the United States are mirroring techniques that big tobacco has used for decades, and Deborah Arnott talking about the United Kingdom’s standards with regulations and banning advertising. 

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