Transatlantic Commission taps Aspen Tech Policy Hub fellows to fight deepfakes and disinformation

In their new role, Greene and Tanner will augment the TCEI’s work on disinformation and deepfakes. The two experts will develop formulas and policy recommendations on how to fight the threat of manipulated media ahead of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit in June 2020, on the occasion of the TCEI’s annual meeting.

2 days ago
Vivian Schiller Appointed to Lead Aspen Institute Program Examining the Role of Media and Technology in Society

Following key leadership roles in organizations including NPR, NBC News, and Twitter, Vivian Schiller will join the Aspen Institute in 2020   

6 days ago
Aspen Institute Honors the Courses and Faculty Redefining Business Education in 2019

Ten winners of the “2019 Ideas Worth Teaching Award” demonstrate transformative business education, changing how tomorrow’s leaders will think about their decisions and the role they play in society’s future.

6 days ago
Aspen Economic Strategy Group Releases New Book Examining The Most Discussed Policy Proposals Of The Year

The Aspen Economic Strategy Group (AESG) today released its new policy volume, Maintaining the Strength of American Capitalism.

1 week ago
New Aspen Institute Podcast Explores Events That Transformed the Relationship Between Business and Society Over the Last Twenty Years

Business 20/20 goes live on Tuesday, November 26th and is free to listen on iTunes and Simplecast for Stitcher. New episodes are released every Tuesday.

Aspen Institute Proposes a New Path for Rural Prosperity: Elevating America’s Rural Development Hubs

Rural Development Hubs are defined as place-rooted organizations working within and across a region to build inclusive wealth, increase local capacity and create better well-being for rural people. They are identified as a strategic entry point for national and regional funders and policymakers to engage with rural America. For a thriving, equitable nation, attention to and investment in rural places and people is essential.

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