The U.S.-Brazil Strategic Dialogue

In 2014, the Aspen Strategy Group, building on our experience of having initiated track II dialogues with Russia, India, and China, began a partnership with the Brazilian organization Centro de Liderança Pública to apply our Aspen Institute-style method of discussion between high-level delegates from the U.S. and Brazil and to provide a nonpartisan forum for them to exchange opinions and ideas on ways to strengthen the bond between the United States and Brazil. Our goal is to break new ground and to construct a framework for future conversations on a number of key issues including international trade, homeland security, foreign policy cooperation, and global governance. We recognize that a more robust, healthier bilateral relationship between Brazil and the United States is not only beneficial for the two countries but for the Americas as a region and for 21st century global governance. The Aspen Strategy Group believes that, in launching our first-ever track II dialogue with Brazil, we can help pave the way for a stronger government-to-government, as well as a people-to-people partnership between the U.S. and Brazil.