Transatlantic Strategic Dialogue

Over the past few years, Europe has experienced a sudden and transformative upheaval in its political landscape. Previously fringe factions sit at the forefront of domestic and international politics, and the global institutional framework in place for a generation appears on uneven footing in a way not seen in 70 years. Across the Atlantic, the current U.S. administration prioritizes other relationships over the historically-solid transatlantic alliance. Meanwhile, sharp and opportunistic foreign powers, including Russia and China, are pushing hard against the values of the West.

To address these mounting challenges and repair this important relationship, the Aspen Strategy Group created in 2018 a new Track II dialogue to bring the U.S. and Europe closer together. In partnership with the Aspen European Strategy Group, the dialogue consists of annual meetings, alternating between the U.S. and Europe, that bring together high-level delegations with significant experience in government, business, academia, journalism, and international institutions.

These meetings enable participants to develop a new and ongoing conversation between the U.S. and Europe at a time when traditional diplomatic channels are diminishing. Each delegation consists of approximately 15-20 participants to enable deep, dynamic, and action-oriented conversations. Previous meetings have discussed preserving and repairing the transatlantic relationship, the technological revolution and national security, cooperating on China and Russia, resolving trade tensions, and the future of NATO.