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The Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship works continuously to create opportunities for Fellows. Our program offers support during and after the program. Using a 1+4 model, Fellows experience 1-year of intensive training (Phase 1) coupled with 4-years of targeted support for degree completion and workforce placement (Phase 2). Fellows then graduate into a life-long alumni network. 

  • Phase 1: 150 seminar hours + paid internship + community impact project 
  • Phase 2: internships with field-specific organizational partners + extension training + youth facilitator/ambassador/advisory committee roles 

AYLF’s opportunity ecosystem provides critical support for fellows who are among the most economically vulnerable. It ensures that in moments or national or personal crisis, the pathways that link talent to opportunity are not disrupted. Throughout the program, fellows receive academic tutoring, personal and career coaching, access to safety-net funds in times of crises (e.g., purchase schoolbooks, cover travel for internships, etc.), financial literacy training, multi-generational family seminars, and continuing training. 

Our Impact 

  • We have found that investment in young leaders results in:  
  • Enhanced Local Capacity to Deliver Youth to Leadership Opportunities
  • Leadership Development 
  • Increased Civic Engagement 
  • Increased Community Impact 
  • Accelerated Values-Based Leadership 
  • Strengthened Collegiate Retention Rates 
  • Enhanced Workforce Readiness 
  • More Robust & Diverse Local Talent Pools 

We currently operate 3 cohorts in 3 cities per year and have a network that reaches 1,500+ community members per year.  

AYLF employs a distinctive evaluation model with proprietary metrics designed to measure program impact and durability of learning. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation approaches document program impact, create feedback loops for program improvement, and assess the long-term durability of learning gains associated with the program. These data are then benchmarked against a peer normative dataset of more than 600,000+ youth from 9 countries derived from the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership, the largest, international research program examining how best to leverage values-based leadership development. Measures from the study are normed for use with individuals across a broad spectrum of age groups (14 – 80 years old), demographics (race, gender, socio-economic status), and contexts (education, military, workforce). Through rigorous validation processes, we measure 26 leadership-related outcomes (e.g., self-awareness, resilience, perspective-taking, collaboration) to assess leadership capacity and growth. 

  • Three years into the AYLF program, we have identified the following impact: 
  • 100% of fellows would recommend the program to a friend 
  • Demonstrated learning gains across key outcomes including agency, systems navigation, civility, personal responsibility, perspective-taking, collaboration, and resilience. 
  • Civic engagement behaviors increased to the 95% percentile of youth nationally. 
  • Touched 2,000+ community stakeholders through community impact projects in 2019 
  • 100% college retention rate; 97% 5-year college completion rate 
  • 95% job placement rate 
How we Support our Fellows 

AYLF Fellows have access to a powerful support system that provides:  

  • Leadership and career coaching 
  • On-demand academic tutoring 
  • Crisis support and seed funding for initiatives 

Upon graduating, Fellows become lifelong members of the global Aspen Institute network with access to resources designed to ensure their college, community, and career success.  

How to Support AYLF 

Support for AYLF can take several forms:  

  • Community partner – Contributes to the education of Fellows and assists in the implementation of their community impact project. 
  • Funder - donates to support the operations and initiatives of the AYLF program  
  • Rainy day fund contribution   
  • Speaker - contributes insights and expertise through virtual or in-person.

Contact Us

For any questions, contact Ana Rossetti, Deputy Director of Aspen Young Leadership Programs at [email protected]