Faculty Pioneer Awards

For over a decade, the Aspen Institute Faculty Pioneer Awards have recognized faculty who are at the vanguard of teaching about the business and society interface. Dubbed “the Oscars of the business school world” by the Financial Times, these awards celebrate educators who demonstrate leadership and risk-taking—and blaze a trail toward curriculum that deeply examines the relationships between capital markets, corporations, and the public good.

About the 2016 Awards:

This year, we are accepting nominations of business school faculty who are teaching (at the graduate level) about business practices that help corporations confront society’s “grand challenges.”

In public conversation about big problems—climate, inequality, global health—fields like engineering, design and technology get deserved attention. But we believe that every one of our grand challenges is deeply affected by the rules of private enterprise, the everyday choices of investors and managers, and the business-fueled demands of consumers in developed markets.

What kinds of teaching prompt students to think differently about their role—and the role of the corporation—in the issues of our day? What frameworks and metrics give future leaders “room” to make business decisions that will lead to progress? How can business school disciplines—especially in the core curriculum—best contribute? These are the questions that will guide our selection process for this year’s Awards.

We welcome nominations from any business school discipline and on any grand challenge. As just a small list of examples, we welcome nominations for teaching that:

  • Highlights exemplars—e.g., product development, employment and supply chain practices—that make a real difference on issues like inequality, resource scarcity and climate.
  • Prompts students to think about fundamental frameworks taught in b-school curriculum—and how these frameworks might support (or discourage) action on a grand challenge.
  • Considers revised metrics and valuation tools that support activities that address a grand challenge.
  • Explores new business models designed to address grand challenges.
  • Examines the voice of business leaders in policies aimed at addressing grand challenges or public-private partnerships designed expressly to do the same.
  • Incorporates field-based projects or action learning components that are relevant to this year’s call for nominations.

For more information, please read the full call for nominations.

Eligibility: Nominees must teach at the graduate level in a business school and syllabi submitted as part of the nomination process must be for a graduate-level course.

Timeline: Nominations open on April 1, 2016 and close on April 30, 2016 on our Award website: www.FPAwards.AspenInstitute.org.

Nomination Procedure:  This year we are accepting self-nominations as well as traditional peer-nominations. For each nomination application three individuals will need to be involved: the nominator, a faculty member or dean, and (new this year!) a student.  The nominator will coordinate the application preparation and ensure that a faculty/dean and student letter of support are submitted.
Within the nomination form, the nominator will be asked to provide:

  • The nominee’s CV
  • A syllabus for a course in which the nominee teaches about society’s grand challenges, and how to address them
  • Student letter of support
  • Faculty/Dean letter of support

Please note that you will need to have all of the required documents ready to upload when you begin the nomination application.

Selection of award winners: Aspen Institute staff, together with a small group of academic advisors, will select this year’s award winners. Final selection will be made in early summer with a press release scheduled for June 2016.
Questions? Contact us at: FPAwards@aspeninstitute.org

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