Purpose College

There is growing evidence that Purpose can be a powerful long-term strategic asset—to attract and retain the right kind of talent, resist short-term pressures, motivate, and fuel collaboration, trust and innovation. But translating this potential into results requires skill, and an unconventional leadership mindset. The Purpose College explores the science behind purpose and performance and help leaders sculpt better cultures and incentives for long-term success.

The Purpose College is a three-day, project-focused leadership experience offered in a location designed for reflection and exchange among peers. Participants learn from behavioral science expertsand from each otherand have the opportunity to apply new insights to a business project grounded in corporate purpose.

What You Can Expect at the Purpose College

During educational sessions led by prominent behavioral scientists, participants will learn about the psychology of long-term thinking and up-to-date research about financial incentives, organizational purpose and human motivation. Purpose College participants bring a challenge they are currently working on inside their company that requires long-term thinking, execution and team collaboration.  

Participants will have the opportunity to apply lessons learned at the Purpose College to develop new approaches to their projects. Through workshop, dialogue and peer-coaching sessions, participants will experiment, develop and refine new approaches to embed purpose in company culture and day-to-day activities.

For more information: Contact Miguel Padró at miguel.padro@aspeninstitute.org