China Fellowship Program


Over the past three decades, China has experienced an economic and social transformation on a scale and at a speed unlike anything witnessed in recorded history. The achievements of the past thirty years in lifting hundreds of millions from poverty, building the world’s second largest economy and thrusting China onto the world stage are truly awe-inspiring. As daunting as this task has been, what lies ahead for China over the next decades is an even greater challenge — how to build a progressive, prosperous ‘good’ society in an increasingly globalized world community.

The goal of the China Fellowship Program is to energize China‚Äôs business leaders to step up to this challenge in a meaningful fashion. Each Fellow has been selected because they have achieved real success in their careers and, yet, are at a point in their lives where they’d like to have a broader impact. The program is designed to guide them through a personal journey of reflection, insight and action in an area where they’d like to make that impact. As such, they will become more effective, enlightened leaders and will move “from success to significance.”

The China Fellowship Program is completely non-political in nature. This program is made possible thanks to a generous gift from David M. Rubenstein through the Rubenstein Leadership Fund.

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