Hurst Community Initiative

Generously funded by Bob and Soledad Hurst, the Hurst Community Initiative seeks to promote dialogue, increase understanding, and facilitate opportunities for meaningful collaboration – among the communities of the Roaring Fork and Colorado River Valleys (Aspen to Parachute, Colorado).

We believe that individuals are most resilient as integral members of communities that promote equity, inherent belonging and civic engagement.

The focus of our work is on substantively and measurably improving quality of life for those among us who are hardest hit by the defining challenges of our time – and helping to evolve the social and systemic mechanisms that perpetuate those challenges.

We partner with elected officials; municipal, county and state governments; nonprofit organizations; inter-agency task forces; educational institutions; community organizers; entrepreneurs; businesses; citizens; immigrants; philanthropists; industry experts; social innovators; and policy program departments of the Aspen Institute. The Hurst Community Initiative serves as a strategic conduit between the Aspen Institute’s global programming and the communities of Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield Counties.



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