Philosophy & Society

The Philosophy & Society Initiative seeks to reignite a national tradition of public philosophy. Through publications, events, and original research, Philosophy & Society grapples with our most pressing questions of societal purpose — What is justice? What is a good life? What is society for?

In periods of intense ideological combat, there is a temptation to shrink aspiration–to steer clear of large visions and contentious questions. Philosophy & Society’s mission runs in exactly the opposite direction: steering directly into the principles, values and contentious ideas that shape our society and frame its fractures. 

Philosophy & Society’s core initiatives—from original research to lively conversation and publications focused on first principles—are designed to inspire a new age of intellectual ambition. Our work is centered on areas of public concern, including issues of political ideology and policy, technological advances and social cohesion, and environmental connection and impact.


Philosophy & Society sponsors a yearly DC-based, invitation-only philosophy salon.

We draw together a wide range of disciplines—from politics to law to journalism—and a full range of ideological views and debate one word for the entire year: “Democracy,” “Tragedy,” “Nation.”

The topic for 2023-2024 is “Self”—we’re taking on major debates about autonomy and identity; humanism and transhumanism; freedom and what it means to be an individual.

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