The Multiplier Effect of Religious Pluralism: A Primer

The Religion & Society Program is pleased to publish “The Multiplier Effect of Religious Pluralism: A Primer.” This curriculum shows that you have a stake in the success of religious pluralism if you rely on religious freedom, hate crime prevention, or any other components of this complex system.

Religious pluralism is a crucial component of American democracy, and the civic debate it facilitates allows diverse voices to acknowledge strong differences, but still find common ground. The system of religious pluralism is comprised of interrelated component networks that include separate individuals and institutions, which nevertheless, rely on each other in a virtuous feedback loop that contributes to a thriving religious pluralism. In “The Multiplier Effect,” learn more about how organizations conducting important prosocial work rely on each other’s successes in the field and how their interests are deeply intertwined.

At the end of this short curriculum, you will:

  • understand that the vision of religious pluralism involves a complex set of interrelated component systems of work;
  • see that each component system comprises of distinct individuals and institutions;
  • recognize how each component system must itself be supported and thrive in order to support religious pluralism more broadly; and
  • be inspired to support one or more component systems that contribute to advancing religious pluralism.

Learn more about this research and additional ways that you can take action in another short, ten-minute curriculum on Faith-Based Action and in The Multiplier Effect’s accompanying report. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please reach out to us at

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