Service Year Alliance

We are thrilled to share with you that the Franklin Project, ServiceNation and the Service Year Exchange (incubated by the National Conference on Citizenship) have merged into a new, single organization. The organization will be a joint venture between Be The Change, Inc. and The Aspen Institute, with Stan McChrystal serving as Chair of the board.

We’ve merged because the stakes are too high to continue working individually. By officially joining forces, each of our organizations’ individual priorities will be significantly enhanced through greater capacity, more resources, and a comprehensive overall strategy. For those who are partnering with us in various ways, most of our existing programmatic commitments will continue as we implement the merger. As you know, it is extremely rare for three organizations to become one in order to better serve a cause. We are excited to see what we can all now do together and we hope you share our excitement.

This new organization will be known as the Service Year Alliance in the short term while we develop a robust branding and communications strategy in the months ahead. The brand of ServiceNation will initially continue as a campaign of the Service Year Alliance. Starting this week, our staffs have begun operating as a single organization. Over the next few months, we’ll be reaching out to many partners to help us chart a new course: what our goals will be, what our initiatives will look like, and how we’ll all — collectively — build a bold future for our movement. Learn More at