A Guide for Artists and Their Lifetime Foundations

June 6, 2018  • Artist-Endowed Foundations Initiative/AEFI

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A Guide for Artists and Their Lifetime Foundations: The Dos and Don’ts, the latest publication from the Aspen Institute Artist-Endowed Foundations Initiative/AEFI, is designed as an information resource for artists considering establishing a private foundation during their lifetime.

The purpose of this guide is to familiarize artists with basic considerations in creating and operating a private foundation during their lifetime so that they may be better informed when discussing these issues with their legal advisors, as well as with persons who might potentially play a role in foundation formation and governance. The goal is to promote better understanding as to whether a foundation is an appropriate choice for an artist and, if so, how to create and operate a foundation during the artist’s lifetime that will be successful in fulfilling its charitable purposes.