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A Guidebook for Religious Literacy Evaluation: Resources for Planning and Design

June 27, 2023  • Kate Soules, Ph.D. & Religion & Society Program Publications

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At present, many scholars and programs make large claims about the impacts of religious literacy education, but do not have empirical evidence or clear models to demonstrate those impacts to funders, school administrators, educators, students, or other practitioners in this field. 

Whether you are looking to implement a comprehensive evaluation of your program or just starting to think about how you can evaluate one aspect of the program, this guidebook is intended to support your thinking and planning. This guidebook is intended to support religious literacy educational initiatives. It is not a complete primer on evaluation and does not dictate a particular methodology or approach to evaluation. Rather, with guiding questions at each step, it provides an introductory evaluation framework to help educators and researchers engaged in religious literacy educational initiatives. 

The companion report, The Imperative for Religious Literacy Evaluation: Context, Key Insights, and Recommendations, provides more detail and background about the need for evaluation in religious literacy education and a review of current practices and literature.

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