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Planning for a New Reality: Agenda for the Prepared Board

October 31, 2023  • Business and Society Program

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To support today’s executives, corporate directors need to confront changes in the workplace and dig into social and environmental concerns once considered exogenous to the firm but now central to long-term value creation. Planning for a New Reality: Agenda for the Prepared Board offers seven perspectives and discussion questions to structure these conversations.

This document will be useful for:

·        CEOs and board chairs as they design board meetings and retreats.
·        Directors and committee chairs as they define board priorities and adjust board protocols to meet new expectations for corporate governance.
·        Chief Communication Officers as they engage in crisis preparedness and scenario planning.
·        CFOs, CSOs and CHROs as they interface with the boards.
·        Corporate Secretaries as they advise and support directors, and design director development.

And others, including corporate governance advisors and providers of director education.

These conversations will be different in every boardroom. We hope Agenda for the Prepared Board will be useful to directors as they exercise their fiduciary responsibilities at a crucial time for business and society.


The Agenda was researched and written with the consistent support and collaboration of David Young of Boston Consulting Group. We sought and benefited from input from dozens of corporate directors, executives in business, finance, and professional services, and NGO and trade advocates who advise on business strategy and policy.