Collaboration in California’s diverse journalism ecosystem

October 9, 2020  • Susan Abram, David Devlin-Foltz & Susanna Dilliplane

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This research report explores key challenges, lessons, and promising practices in supporting newsroom partnerships, with a particular focus on media outlets produced by and for immigrants, racial, ethnic, and language minorities, and indigenous populations – often referred to as “ethnic media.” Commissioned by the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF), the research was informed by the foundation’s interest in collaboration with ethnic media as a potential strategy for increasing the reach of high-quality health journalism and supporting a culturally competent, diverse journalism workforce. The goal of this research was to gather insights into good practices that support mutually beneficial collaboration, key challenges and inhibiting factors, and lessons for how to support effective and equitable collaboration. The findings will inform CHCF’s evaluation of opportunities to support media partnerships. The findings are also intended to be useful to the broader field of journalism philanthropy.