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Coming Back to Climate: How Principals Can Use School Climate Data To Lead Improvement

August 10, 2020  • Education and Society Program

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In partnership with school districts and research partners, The Aspen Education & Society program offers an expanded repertoire of guidance and ready-to-go tools for improving school climate within existing school routines. The aim is to use climate data to elevate equity through student agency and continuous improvement practices.

The tools are adaptable to a school’s unique identity: white-labeled for the user’s branding, and easily shareable with other team members. 


Leadership Checklist is an at-a-glance reference for principals and leadership teams to quickly identify high-priority actions for both virtual and in-person settings.

Meeting agenda templates for staff, students, and parents offer a meeting framework and a menu of activities to “choose your own adventure” for hosting inclusive, interactive sessions tailored to context.

Exit tickets for climate updates are a resource for a school or teacher team to follow up on benchmark climate surveys by collecting formative data from students—virtually or in-person—that can spark conversations where students feel valued and included.

A menu of hiring questions that school leaders can use to probe how prospective staff would create a nurturing climate, empower students, and use data.
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Literature Review synthesizes shared knowledge on School Climate terms, uses, and opportunities.

Fostering supportive relationships and equitable outcomes for every student is an urgent priority. These tools assist busy school leaders with practical resources that translate vision into action.