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Delivering Patient Care and Quality Jobs: Great Organizational Culture Drives Sunrise Treatment Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

June 29, 2021  • Mark G. Popovich & Yoorie Chang

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Improving job quality not only transforms workers’ lives, but it also benefits businesses’ performance and bottom lines. Highlighted in this brief is Sunrise Treatment Center, a leader in the addiction treatment sector that provides stable, sustainable jobs.

Founder Dr. Jeffrey Bill, Chief Operating Officer Steven Smith, and Chief Human Resources Officer Brett Burns developed strategies to simultaneously meet the needs of their patients and their commitment to employees. Sunrise Treatment Center saw sustained growth and improvement in both capacity and caregiving by ensuring that the focus of the organization was explicitly two-fold: to provide the highest quality treatment for patients with substance abuse issues and mental illness, and to offer a great place to work for employees.


Boosting #jobquality benefits businesses’ performance and bottom lines alongside transforming workers’ lives. This brief by @mpopov1229 & @yooriechang highlights a business that does just that: Sunrise Treatment Center.

Sunrise Treatment Center delivers advanced outpatient care and saves lives on a daily basis. They also have an organizational structure that transforms the lives of their employees. Read more from @mpopov1229 and @yooriechang.

Sunrise Treatment Center works to treat the epidemic of substance addiction, while ensuring that #jobquality is central to their mission. When we prioritize workers, we see growth in capacity and caregiving.

When rigorously benchmarked against industry peers, Sunrise Treatment Center considerably outperforms. Why? Their organizational structure explicitly focuses on both #qualitycare and #jobquality.

“I want employees to feel stable, healthy, happy, supported, valued, and respected. If I could do that, I will not only be at peace with myself, but the business will also do better,” says Dr. Bill of Sunrise Treatment Center.

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