Free Speech and Religion

Dialogue That Enlarges: Bridging Ideological Divides Through a Faith Lens

July 9, 2021  • Religion & Society Program

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We’re living in an era of deep divisions. We have seen the devastating effects in our homes, our communities, our workplaces, and our houses of worship. The key to addressing division and building a more pluralistic, vibrant, and just American society is to engage more constructively across differences.

Faith institutions and communities are one of the few places where people of varying age and worldview gather and exchange ideas frequently. They offer a unique opportunity to strengthen dialogue, diversity, and democracy.

This workbook continues to build on the resources that the Religion & Society Program has produced to equip faith communities and leaders and support conversations about our differences. Similar resources include The Rebuilding Democracy Project, authored by Rabbi Michael Holzman, which includes the 10 Faith Habits for Effective Citizenship, designed to help communities navigate disagreement, deepen relationships, and strengthen community ties.

The Dialogue that Enlarges workbook was created in partnership with The Better Arguments Project and Interfaith Youth Core.

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Religious, spiritual, and ethical teachings have a profound impact on people’s perspectives and inform many of our civic debates. Understanding other’s worldviews can make for healthier disagreement. Learn more in the new workbook from @AspenReligion, @aspencitizen, & @ifyc

Faith communities can play a unique role in helping to bridge this nation’s divides. @AspenReligion, @ifyc, & @aspencitizen’s workbook, can help these communities put their often underutilized forum for dialogue to use. Read the workbook to learn more:

@AspenReligion, @aspencitizen, & @ifyc created a resource designed to prompt reflection on the intersection between users’ religious, spiritual, or ethical identities and role in civic life. Their new workbook can help build a more #InclusiveAmerica through #BetterArguments.