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Employer Use of Learning and Employment Records: Early Lessons from Alabama Talent Triad

July 18, 2023  • C-BEN & UpSkill America

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How do employers think about the emerging field of digital wallets, validated skills, and supports for skills-based hiring? Earlier this year, the #Alabama Talent Triad and partners convened a focus group of employers and workforce development professionals to answer these questions, and to learn how the Talent Triad is powering deeper connections between Alabama’s employers, job seekers, and education providers. In this new brief from UpSkill America, and C-BEN, read about how employers’ thoughtful insights and ideas are powering this first of its kind talent marketplace.

UpSkill America partnered with the State of Alabama and the Competency-Based Education Network to document the state’s development and implementation of the Talent Triad. The Talent Triad is a comprehensive talent marketplace that incorporates a credential registry, a skills-based job description generator and job posting portal, and a learning and employment record. UpSkill America is working specifically to identify and investigate effective employer engagement strategies and use cases in the talent marketplace implementation. With support from Walmart, UpSkill America will be able to extend this work to more states that are developing talent marketplace platforms.


.@UpSkillAmerica partnered with the State of Alabama and the @CBENetwork to document the state’s development and implementation of the #ALTalentTriad. Check out their latest report here.

Alabama leads the way with the #ALTalentTriad, a skills-based talent marketplace connecting job seekers, employers, and education providers. Learn how this initiative is driving economic growth and mobility.

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