Executive Summary: The Artist as Philanthropist; Strengthening the Next Generation of Artist-Endowed Foundations

November 5, 2010  • Christine J. Vincent, Study Director

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A study of the emerging artist-endowed foundation field in the US

The National Study of Artist-Endowed Foundations, conducted for the Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation, is the first effort to define and describe the artist-endowed foundation field in the US. Though a small portion of all private foundations, these distinctively endowed entities are growing in number and as such, represent a potential force shaping cultural philanthropy and stewarding this country’s postwar and contemporary art patrimony. The two-volume report detailing the Study’s findings — The Artist as Philanthropist: Strengthening the Next Generation of Artist-Endowed Foundations — provides leaders in philanthropy, the arts, education, and journalism with an overview of the artist-endowed foundation field, its origins, current status, trends, and prospects. In addition, it offers artist-donors, their advisors, and foundation leaders a summary of considerations in forming, sustaining, and terminating artist-endowed foundations as well as planning and conducting foundations’ charitable programs. Briefing papers by scholars in the arts and philanthropy address key issues in foundation practice.

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