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Greyston Bakery: Combatting Poverty by Making a Profit

January 9, 2019  • Business and Society Program

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Mike Brady entered the doors of the Greyston factory, the rich smell of chocolate filling the air around him. Sunlight poured in through the building, designed by the world-renown architect Maya Lin. Brady has only recently become CEO of Greyston, New York’s first Benefit Corporation. His dilemma is how to promote growth to support the company’s social and environmental mission. This case study examines how CEO Mike Brady is addressing strategic priorities such as promoting growth, enhancing supply chain sustainability, paying a living wage, and working with other businesses to achieve Greyston’s founding mission. Greyston’s history provides a lens to examine how a value chain can create social value. How does a values-based company influence its suppliers, customers, and even competitors to become values-led companies?

Business and Markets
Greyston Bakery — Teaching Note
January 9, 2019 • Business and Society Program