Internet of Water Revisited: Building an Internet of Water

July 25, 2019  • Lauren Patterson, Rapportuer

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The Internet of Water report, published in 2017, provided a series of findings and recommendations from the Aspen Institute Dialogue Series on Sharing and Integrating Water Data for Sustainability to address how to improve our nation’s water data infrastructure to better equip and enable sustainable water resource management.

Since that report, the Nicholas Institute was tasked with beginning to implement an Internet of Water (IoW). As an initial step, the Aspen Institute convened a series of conversations across the United States to learn about current water data activities, discuss needs and expectations of different communities, identify and strengthen collaborations, and imagine how the Internet of Water could be best implemented for their region or sector.

This addendum synthesizes the perspectives from each of the five regional roundtables which took place in California, the Great Lakes Region, the Midwest, Texas, and the Colorado River Basin. Notably, this addendum highlights the similarities and differences between regions – starting with the context for each roundtable and ending with an overall vision for building the Internet of Water. It was clear that sectors and regions are deeply interested in realizing the potential of their water data. Many were interested in the IoW providing a neutral convening and coordinating role to leverage ongoing activities and ensure the data infrastructure built will allow water data to flow seamlessly between sectors and regions.