Making Waves: Alternative Paths to Flexible Use Spectrum

July 7, 2015  • Communications and Society Program

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The 2014 Aspen Institute Roundtable on Spectrum Policy (AIRS) gathered 26 of the top telecommunications policy experts at the Aspen Wye River Conference center in Queenstown, MD to investigate whether the U.S., in light of recent progress in alternative approaches to spectrum allocation, should make the more drastic move to a regime that has all spectrum, other than some carved out for specific public benefit, to be considered general use spectrum eligible for the highest and best use available. The report, written by Roundtable rapporteur, Dorothy Robyn, tackles the task of describing what general purpose spectrum actually is; discusses the practical, political and institutional limits and ways to overcome them; and details the necessary technical advances and regulatory actions to make general purpose spectrum a reality.

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