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On the Rise: Perspectives on Foreign Policy – Class of 2022

December 9, 2022  • ASG Rising Leaders & Aspen Strategy Group

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The Aspen Strategy Group is proud to announce the release of On the Rise: Perspectives on Foreign Policy, the capstone project of the Rising Leaders Program Class of 2022. The Rising Leaders Program fosters the development of young foreign policy and national security leaders, encouraging them to work together on complex global challengesHailing from diverse backgrounds, sectors, and political affiliations, all Rising Leaders have one thing in common—their passion for national security and foreign policy.

Through the year-long program, participants exchange ideas on critical foreign policy issues with key decisionmakers—and each other—under the aegis of the Aspen Strategy Group. This publication is the product of these vital conversations and presents the Rising Leaders’ perspectives on key challenges in U.S. foreign policy and national security.

Contributors include:

April Arnold, Nathan Dial, Akif Irfan, Mike Chieco, Brian Mongeau, Mary Brooks, Alma Caballero, Geo Saba, Eric Volmar, Steph Guerra, Yanique Campbell, Nathan Dial, Kyle Hutzler, Kenya James, Justin Chock, Dahlia d’Arge, Nolan Mayhew, Joel Todoroff, Akhil Bery, Anand Raghuraman, Andy Morimoto, Lauren Dickey, Gabrielle Fong, Mark Titus Hoover, and Holly Milburn-Smith.

More contributions to come.

Table of Contents

Fire from the Gods: Safely Promoting Nuclear Energy
April Arnold, Nathan Dial, and Akif Irfan

Operationalizing an Economic Security Alliance
Mike Chieco and Brian Mongeau

An Overdue Awakening? Corporate America After Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
Mike Chieco, Mary Brooks, and Alma Caballero

Investing in Defense: How an In-Q-Tel for DoD Can Help America Win the New Technology Race
Geo Saba

To Win the Technology Competition, the United States Must Invite and Empower
Eric Volmar and Steph Guerra

Strengthening Black Representation in National Security
Yanique Campbell, Nathan Dial, Kyle Hutzler, and Kenya James

Military Manning on Tap: Rethinking Military Personnel Management to Maintain Job Market Competitiveness
Justin Chock and Dahlia d’Arge

Lessons Learned Nine Months Into the Humanitarian Response to Ukraine
Nolan Mayhew

Foreign Policy Through Code
Joel Todoroff

Chapter 10
Why the U.S. Needs a Climate Strategy for the Indo-Pacific
Andy Morimoto and Lauren Dickey

Chapter 11
It’s Time to Revisit America’s South Asia Strategy
Akhil Bery and Anand Raghuraman

Chapter 12
As City Diplomacy Grows, So Should Our Efforts to Engage Rural Communities in Foreign Policy
Gabrielle Fong, Mark Titus Hoover, and Holly Milburn-Smith

Chapter 13
Managing Geopolitical Risk
Akhil Bery, Kyle Hutzler, and Anand Raghuraman