Employment and Jobs

Q&A: New Approaches to Engaging Retailers

October 30, 2019  • Economic Opportunities Program

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On July 23, the National Association of Workforce Boards, Corporation for a Skilled Workforce, the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Program, Nancy Snyder Consulting, and leaders from three workforce boards – San Diego Workforce Partnership, Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, and Denver Economic Development & Opportunity – held a webinar to share learning about how workforce boards across the country are engaging with the retail sector. Drawing from recent research and experiences in the field, the webinar focused on the challenges, opportunities, and promising practices emerging from retail-focused work.

The webinar drew a large, engaged audience, and we were pleased to receive a high volume of thoughtful questions. Since we were unable to address all questions during the webinar, speakers worked collaboratively to respond to submitted questions. Our responses are provided here.


Employment and Jobs
Webinar: New Approaches to Engaging Retailers: A First Look at Research on Workforce Boards and Retail
July 23, 2019 •


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