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Program Profile: The Hartford National Apprenticeship Program

June 1, 2017  • UpSkill America & Jaime S. Fall


The Hartford


Upskilling program name

The Hartford National Apprenticeship Program


Program goal(s)

Participating in registered apprenticeship programs helps deliver on our company’s ambitious growth strategy. As our current workforce continues to evolve and turnover, we feel that participating in registered apprenticeship programs will…

  • Recruit skilled/capable entry level talent
  • Increase entry level employee retention
  • Decrease initial learning costs and effort
  • Increase diversity of the candidate pool


Who provides the program services (in-house, outside provider, etc.)?

In-house and community college partnership


If outside providers, please list key partners.

  • Rio Salado Community College Phoenix, Az.
  • Capital Community College Hartford, Ct.


Who is the program is designed to assist?

Entry level candidates pursuing an insurance career


Who is eligible for the program?

Interested high school graduates


How is the program funded (i.e., company/participant share; prepaid by company vs. individual reimbursement; etc.)?

State DOL tuition assistance and The Hartford supplies the wages during the apprenticeship. Upon completion of the apprenticeship company sponsored tuition reimbursement is available.


Is there an annual or lifetime cap on the program benefits?



Do employees get paid time off to participate or are they in any way compensated for their participation?

Wages are paid while apprentices our in seat during on the job learning


What is your participation goal, and what actions are you taking to reach that goal?

Piloting 10 in Phoenix and 10 in Hartford


What, if any, supports do you have in place to ensure participants complete the program?

The signed agreement with the apprentice ensures performance goals are met and academic standards are kept.


What data are you collecting/tracking?

Employee performance and retention


How do you think about, measure, or plan to measure the benefits the program brings to the company?

Time to competency and overall recruitment and onboarding expense


What results have you seen to date?



In hindsight, what is the best decision you made in setting up this program?

Involvement with the Federal DOL


What, if any, changes have you made in the program since its introduction? Why were these changes made?

More communication with community colleges


What advice would you give those considering a similar project?

Get help on the paperwork for the registered apprenticeship



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