Aspen Italia Seminars

At the heart of the Aspen Institute Italia Seminar on Leadership, Globalization and the Quest for Common Values are the extraordinary changes that leaders in the 21st century are called upon to interpret and manage. The seminar focuses on the need – given that different cultures, political systems and business approaches have progressively drawn closer – for new interpretive tools in order to map out our course in a society characterized by rapid change. Whilst on one hand we are active participants in an acceleration of technological innovation that has altered the paradigms of our lives, we have also confronting the limits of sustainable growth. The challenges facing us are global in scale, as must be the response, in terms of understanding, setting objectives, resources, strategies and methods. The need for such a global and common approach entails open discourse between varying philosophical or religious worldviews, which differ in their ethical values and cultural underpinnings.

Fee to attend is inclusive of lodging, meals, group events, and materials Airfare is not included; early flight booking is strongly recommended.

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