Leadership, Values, and the Civil Society

This seminar—a collaboration between the Aspen Institute US and Aspen Institute Romania—begins with these assumptions: that leadership begins with self-leadership, that the decisions we make are ultimately moral, not technical, and that business and political decisions must take account of some notion of what we think a good society is (or could be). To that end, this seminar considers the values—and tensions—that inform what it means to live and do business in a civil society. What are the fundamental values of a civil society? To what extent are the compatible with one another? How are our values changing in the face of globalization and migration?

This is a wonderful opportunity not only to explore these fundamental questions, but to do so in a part of the world where the issues of civil society are especially acute. Participants will be drawn from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, as well as Western Europe and the Mediterranean basin (4 spaces are available for US participants).

Please contact Kalissa Hendrickson for futer dates and registration information.


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