Creating an Inclusive Future: A Two-Part Dialogue on Shifting Paradigms from the Ground Up

Our society’s methods of distributing resources and solving collective problems are shaped by our thinking and assumptions about the world. How do we, as leaders, break through old assumptions and patterns to help make new paradigms possible? How do we work against stagnation and desensitization to inequitable and pervasive structures? How do we leave future generations with robust and inclusive systems—what does that look like at the local, national, and global level?

Join us for a two-part series featuring rapid-fire conversations between leaders—all awardees of the McNulty Prize Catalyst Fund and Fellows of the Aspen Institute—working to advance solutions uplifting their communities. From improving access to health and education in rural Rwanda, to transitioning US public schools to zero emissions, to fueling a global pro-democracy movement and more, all of these leaders are building solutions to deeply entrenched challenges alongside their communities, and shifting mindsets and paradigms to foster an inclusive future. Learn more about the 2024 Awardees.

Part 1 – Tuesday, April 23, 2024: 11am-12pm Eastern Time

  • Yemi A.D., Artist, Founder & CEO, Moonshot Platform
  • Alex Bailey, Founder & Executive Director, Black Outside 
  • Jack Hsu, Founder, Qi Social Innovation Center 
  • Moderated by Kaya Henderson, Co-Founder & CEO, Reconstruction US

Part 2 – Tuesday, April 30, 2024: 11am-12pm Eastern Time

  • Anatole Manzi, Founder, Move Up Global
  • Yordanos Eyoel, Founder, Kaseb
  • Jonathan Klein, Founder, UndauntedK12
  • Kacey Eichelberger, Founder, Magdalene Clinic
  • Moderated by Lola Adedokun, Executive Director, Aspen Global Innovators Group

Come learn what it takes to build organizations and work with communities for deep, lasting change. Register here. 

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