Pursuit of Happiness Hour

Join us every Wednesday at 5:00 pm ET for a candid discussion among leaders about re-imagining a better society on the other side of COVID-19 and in the midst of a divided polity. As we confront the uncertainties of the pandemic and political divisiveness, how do we think creatively about assembling the pieces of our societies for greater freedom, justice, and equity? What differences would we like to see in our habits, institutions, and values? How do we begin to think differently in ways that lead to more purposeful action? How do we make sure that these big questions don’t overwhelm us into inaction?

This series of weekly discussions, varying from speaker panels to creative exercises, is meant to provide space for you to consider the larger-scale questions of the current crisis in a productive way.

Register for a seminar in the “Upcoming Events” section below. Registration will close at 5:00 pm the day before the seminar is scheduled to take place.

Our Pursuit of Happiness Hour Seminars are offered free of charge to all who wish to attend, as an extension of our mission and in service to the public good. Contributions to sustain this effort are welcome but by no means required for participation.

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