The Environment

2012 Aspen Environment Forum: Living in the New Normal

June 24, 2012

Our new normal is a population of 7 billion people living in a world that’s a degree warmer than it was a half century
ago. Melting ice caps, rising seas, droughts and floods, wildlife besieged—the litany of dangers is familiar to all of us. Which ones should we be most scared about? How far can we push the planet before its pushback becomes more than we—let alone other species on Earth—can take? And how can we approach the future with excitement rather than dread?
Dennis Dimick, Executive Editor for the Environment, National Geographic magazine
William Chameides, Dean, and Nicholas Professor of the Environment, Duke University David J. Hayes, Deputy Secretary, Department of the Interior David Orr, Chair of Environmental Studies Program, Oberlin College Kevin Trenberth, Distinguished Senior Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Rob Kunzig, Senior Environment Editor, National Geographic magazine