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The Announcement of The 2014 John P. McNulty Prize Laureates

July 31, 2014

$100,000 McNulty Prize 2014 Laureates Announced

Laureates are from Nigeria, El Salvador, South Africa, Palestine, and the US.
The John P. McNulty Prize of $100,000 is given annually to honor the visionary work of a Fellow of the Aspen Global Leadership Network. The winner will be chosen from the five laureates, and each of the other laureates will receive $10,000. An international panel of judges, including former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, international statesman Olara Otunnu, and international development expert Brizio Biondi-Morra, will select this year’s winner from among the laureates. The winner will be announced November 12, 2014, in New York City.

The 2014 Laureates are:
South Africa
Former senior economist and asset manager Réjane Woodroffe founded the Bulungula Incubator to act as a catalyst for rural communities to create sources of income, integrate new technologies, and demand the infrastructure and services they have a right to from the government, while maintaining traditional values and structures.

After his own movie-inspiring search to find a cure for his children, biotechnology CEO John Crowley turned his sights on helping other rare disease sufferers. He co-founded the Global Genes project to unite existing networks for over 7,000 rare diseases into a powerful alliance for advocacy, lobbying, information, support, and research sponsorship.

Responding to the crisis of women’s education and health in northern Nigeria, made infamous by Boko Haram, human rights attorneyMaryam Uwais set up the Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative to give women and girls education in literacy, health and childbirth assistance, income generating skills, and the voice to take more ownership and leadership in their communities.

El Salvador
El Salvadoran retail and manufacturing executive Arturo Sagrera is enlisting teens to end the epidemic of gang violence sweeping the nation. Combining personal development programs and soccer, Proyecto País convenes parents, community stakeholders, and private businesses to promote leadership and peaceful co-existence in 43 communities nationwide.
West Bank, Palestine
Development expert Lana Abu-Hijleh is building the capacity of the next generation of Palestinian leaders, providing 7,000 youths a chance to participate in and run their own electoral process, respond to constituent concerns, plan and execute community improvement projects, and shadow local ministers and council members to learn good governance practices and become engaged citizens in the political process.