The Arts, Healing, and our Military Community

December 11, 2012  • Arts Program

Roundtable featuring Arthur Bloom, Founder, Musicorps; The Honorable Rocco Landesman, Chair, National Endowment for the Arts; Cmdr. Moira McGuire, Clinical Care Coordinator, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; and Damian Woetzel, Director, Aspen Institute Arts Program.

The lives and families of today’s military are being impacted by a unique set of challenges associated with the signature wounds of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars; traumatic brain injury and psychological health issues, including post-traumatic stress. Many have turned to alternative rehabilitation, particularly different types of creative arts encounters. The military has increasingly looked toward creative arts programs to work in addressing the needs of returning servicemen and women, and many artists and arts organizations have taken on this charge as well. This discussion, part of the Washington Roundtable Series 2012, will explore the potential of the arts to serve as part of a broader solution in healing and healthcare for wounded service men and women.

The Washington Ideas Roundtable Series is made possible with the generous support of Michelle Smith and the Robert H. Smith Family Foundation.