Health Care

The Aspen Children’s Forum: The Promise of Positive Change

August 8, 2012

Great progress in pediatric research, discovery and innovation has been achieved through the support of philanthropists, private sector leaders, and policy makers who have made children’s health and well-being a priority. We can anticipate similar breakthroughs, opportunities and advances in the future. Whether we seize those opportunities and offer wide access to their benefits will be a function of individual and societal choice. Throughout the Aspen Children’s Forum, philanthropists, scientists, physicians, educators and other experts have taken part in a scenario thinking exercise in which they imagined various futures and identified the smart choices to be made along each path. The role for philanthropy will continue to grow as will its benefits. This session explores the findings of those who took part. Panelists share their approach to philanthropy, highlight the results they seek to achieve or have achieved already, and discuss the lasting impact of putting children’s health and well-being at the center of their giving.

Cindy Hensley, McCain Business Owner, Philanthropist and Humanitarian
Alan E. Guttmacher, MD Director, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Susan Packard Orr, Founder and CEO, Telosa Sof tware; Trustee, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Philip A. Pizzo, MD Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine
Moderator Walter Isaacson President and CEO, The Aspen Institute